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Why I’m paleo

Someday I’ll share my full gut health story and the timeline of things but for now I’ll keep it simple.  Since going paleo and sugar free all of my health problems and symptoms have been greatly diminished, if not completely gone.


This is not a coincidence. I have been dealing with some nasty health problems for 3 years now and it all started from a poor diet.

The great news is, it was fixed by eating correctly, thanks to going paleo.

I am now feeling SO HEALTHY in both mind and body. I am now on zero medications to combat my symptoms, food is my medecine.


The most important thing I’ve learned is; the power of food is real, what you are is what you eat.


Secondly everything in our body is connected, if our body is hurting it can cause mental health problems, and our mental health problems can cause physical symptoms.


I often wondered why people went paleo. I had the mindset that grains and other non primal foods were healthy and still good for you, I was wrong.


This is why I went Paleo.


After a lot of research and my own trial and error with diet, my body I learned that the diet I’m after is a non-inflammatory diet. Which just so happens to be in line with the paleo diet.  

Inflammatory foods are things like grains, sugar, dairy, artificial foods, processed foods, preservatives, alcohol.


If you Google inflammatory food you will see that it’s a very real thing, many foods that are commonly eaten are inflammatory.


Inflammation can cause pain in the body in a number of ways, such as muscle and joint pain or internal symptoms such as IBS, digestive problems, organ pain. In addition: depression is an inflammatory condition. And many of these health problems come with more health problems. It’s all a snowball effect when it comes to our body and it’s all directly tied to what you’re eating.


In each person, symptoms of inflammation are different.  For myself I had gut issues, IBS, menstrual problems, depression and anxiety. My husband had daily neck pain, hypertension, and pressure in his head. My brother in law had horrible back pain.


Together we all switched our diet to be on a non-inflammatory plan. My husband and I went paleo/sugar free/alcohol free and my brother in law went keto.

And straight up almost immediately we all felt 100% better.  It has changed my life, I’m not being dramatic.


I had been in a deep funk, stuck in a depression, stuck with daily pain and digestive issues.

It’s been 3 months and I went from having daily stomach pain to maybe once a month, if that! I went from a daily depression to the feeling of seeing the world in a whole new way. And the list goes on in how diet has changed my life.


If you want to hear more about how diet affects our minds and body please leave a comment below, and follow me on social media (look left for social links). I have learned so much in the last 3 years and I want to share it. I want all my friends and family and strangers to feel as healthy as I do.


If you want to try some paleo recipes take a look HERE.

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